Everyone knows you need a plan.

 Dreams do not come true without plans.

A budget is nothing if you do not have a plan.

They need each other.

Plans are work. They require input to get the desired output. Plans do not come without a cost. Plans are not free.

 Life, without a good plan,  is just going from day to day. Be-bopping along with nary a care, is great if you are a child on summer break.

 However, the world is not meant for adults to be children. We are not given the luxury of just doing and being. We all need a plan. Without a plan we are simply lost, a spec of dust in the wind.

Believe me, I would love to go back to those days of no plans, no cares, no worries. The days of breakfast beer-thirties and just waiting to see what the world brings me on any particular day are long gone.

 Well, to be honest, they come back occasionally.

 I call those days vacation.

 Unfortunately, I have a business to run. I have to do something to make it work. I have to have a plan. Plans make the dreams come true.

 I ask people all the time what they have in mind for a project.

 They reply, “Bathroom, basement, kitchen, addition, etc.”

 They have no problem defining the space or room they want to change. They usually have some vision  from a show or display or picture that is the core of their dream.

What they really want is more difficult.

They usually need help.

They know the room, or area, but have no idea  where to go from there.

Or how much it will cost.

They need a plan.

Sometimes they see it in their head, or try to sketch it on a piece of paper. They sometimes have a sketch of sorts. However, I am always amazed at the number of people that have no plan.

They rarely have a budget. I can tell them, based on average jobs similar to the one they are talking about, a rough but educated guess of how much it will cost.

A 3 fixture bathroom *no foot print change* remodel starts at $5000.00

Tile floor add $1000.00 (and up)

Tile wall shower add $1500.00 (and up)

Granite counter for vanity add $600.00 (and up)

Multiple head shower add $1000.00 (and up)

Move a wall $1000.00 (and up) per wall

 Now you have a plan, albeit a rough one and….

Voi-la! 10 k is your budget!

 A kitchen (9′ x11′) with 20 lineal feet of cabinets?

demo old counter and cabinets $1000.00 (and up)

demo existing floor $500.00 (and up)

purchase new cabinets $14,000.00 (and up)

new granite counter top $3000.00 (and up)

new sink and faucet $1000.00 (and up)

new flooring with material allowance $2500.00 (and up)

Simple plan!

And presto! 22k is your budget.


1000 sq ft basement?

Starts at $25,000.00 (and up)

Add egress window to get a permit $3000.00 (and up)

 Add a bathroom $5000.00 (and up)

 Add plumbing rough-ins if not present $2500.00 (and up)

 Home theater rough-in only $1000.00 (and up)

Wet bar? 5000.00 (and up)

Easy for cheesy! quick plan!

Taaaa-Dahhh!  $41,500 ish for your budget.

 It is easy to see how quickly the dream becomes expensive.

 And really, that is what I do.

 I help them plan.

I help them get their dream.

 And I get paid for it.

 Because I am not a charity.

People are usually surprised that their dream is so expensive. It does not seem like it would be so much. They see these cable remodeling shows where people are getting so much for so little.

Is that real?

Nope! Reality television is not reality. It is entertainment.

I could go on and on, but…

 A realistic budget is very important thing to consider. However, a realistic budget is reliant on a plan.

In a short period of time, as demonstrated above, while listening to what they want, I can give them a close approximation of what they will need to spend to accomplish the dream they are dreaming.

I call this a free consultation.

Once they have a plan, and a budget they then can decide the next move. It is simple economics at that point.

They can either afford it or not.

I help them navigate the need to have and want to have to get them the dREamMODEL they are looking for.

I am the dREamMODEL guy!

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2 comments on “Planning
  1. Mynx says:

    Welcome to the Darkside my friend. So wonderful to see you blogging again

    • so much better than bloggerer! it may take some time to get up and running, but it is part of my marketing approach to blog regularly. soon tUcKeR will be getting back to blogdog stuff as well. the site on blogger will be up for a few months until i get all my posts transferred and stuff.

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