Why things go wrong…

Many people I talk to about remodel projects have a horror story. I call these REMODMARES. ((c) 2013 dreamodelingguy) Even if they have never remodeled before, they know someone who knows someone who had this happen. OR…They may have even seen it on TV.

I could flippantly say It is because they were dealing with a contractor.

I am not a contractor, I am a remodeler.

No job is perfect. No remodeler is perfect. Everyone is human and human error is always a possibility. You can however limit the possibility of a failed project or REMODMARE.

First and foremost, and the purpose of this blog is to help you find the right guy. I know it is not always going to be me. I am okay with that.

I understand that.

I am not usually the lowest estimate. I will do the right thing. The right thing is sometimes cost prohibitive. I am not usually the quickest to schedule your job. I will not over book my schedule. I do not chase cash flow.

I do however, strive to make every contact with a prospective client a good experience. I am happy to share my knowledge and help them get the job done right EVEN IF they do not chose me.

OKAY. Sales. Pitch. Over.

Remember: questions unasked go unanswered.

Jobs go wrong for a variety of reasons. REMODMARES all stem from a failure to meet the expectations, either implied or expressed by both parties, the customer and the remodeler.

The number one reason for REMODMARES is the proper amount of detail is missing in the preparation for the job. Garbage in, garbage out, applies to the remodeling world just like the rest of the world.

I hear many customers say, “But how do I prepare?”

And “How much planning is the proper amount”

You prepare and plan by your due diligence.  You can choose the right Remodeler! You can avoid a REMODMARE! Get more than one estimate, if you have never used your chosen remodeler. Also you MUST compare estimates APPLES TO APPLES. You do this by asking questions.

The right questions.

This is all part of your preparation.

You need to know what is available to you. You need to know your remodeler. You can only do that by asking the right questions and getting proper answers!

And  I hear, “Isn’t preparation the Remodelers responsibility?”

Yes it is. But it is yours as well. It belongs to you as well because a Project that goes best is a project that is based on a team effort and a partnership.

And a proper fit!

A good remodeler will have a system to make sure the job goes well. It starts with a good plan, as we touched on in the last post.

It is okay to ask “Do you or does your company have a system?”

A blank stare is usually a sign of no system.

Ask! ASK! Just ask!

Does your remodeler have a well prepared estimate?

Does he have a Critical Path, to guide the job?

Can your Remodeler give you a realistic time frame, as well as let you know when you have to have certain elements such as cabinets and materials on site?

Is the payment schedule easy to understand?

Does your remodeler have a dedicated Project Manager, and eyes on the ground to over see the project in every phase?

How does the remodeler handle change orders?

Does your remodeler use subcontractors? (Certain tasks require a quality licensed sub.)

Is your remodeler ambivalent as to who will do the work? It is okay to ask and see the subcontractors information. A good remodeler will have that information readily available.

Or is it a “Chuck in a Truck” one man show?

A good remodeler will be able to answer your questions!

But the asking is up to you!

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2 comments on “Why things go wrong…
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  2. […] NOTE: I may over explaining some things in this blog post. However,even an experienced consumer may learn a thing or two. The goal is to share knowledge, and help YOU find the right remodeler, AND AVOID a remodmare […]

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