Brrrrr! I am tired of the cold and the snow. I am thinking of sunshine and springtime. It is just around the corner. I hope. 🙂

This is a semi reprint from last year, but…..

Last year we had a rainy spring and with the rain came flooding. This year it seems snow is always falling. Today, it is snowing. Again.

Icicles may look pretty but the ice dams that form them are not. You may not have an issue today, but if you have ice dams, it may be a problem in the future. Ventilation is as important as insulation.

April showers bring May flowers. They also may also bring unexpected water flowing, dripping, or sitting inside your home. Keeping water out of your house starts with a properly functioning and ventilated roof.

Keeping the water away from your foundation is also important. Checking your gutters for proper operation should be done at least 2 times a year. If you do not have gutters and downspouts consider installing them. The ground can only hold so much water, and when it is saturated it finds a place to go. Your basement should not be one of these places.

Flooded basements due to a failed sump pump, a roof leak caused by ice dams, or foundation seepage from saturated ground water are all things we could do without.

However, knowing you are properly insured is JUST as important. I am hoping this letter will help someone before it is too late.

You expect your coverage is good enough. The morning you wake to find water in your basement is not the time to find out you are not covered for such a catastrophe.

Years ago, I learned the hard way. I was not covered.

It can cost thousands, even tens of thousands to replace your baseboard, wall, and floor coverings, not to mention all the things that cannot be replaced, the potential for mold issues and the inconvenience of a basement full of your wet belongings.

Please check with your insurance agent before it is too late. Many policies need special endorsements to cover sump pump failure or ground water backup. Please READ AND KNOW your Insurance Policy!

Oh yeah, and THINK SPRING!


Exterior Visual Inspection and Report

Single Story $59.00 2 story $119.00

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