Managing Expectations

Quality. Craftsmanship. Details.

These words are not only  part of our brochure they are part of our  culture. The dREamMODELING SYSTEM  holds dREam MODELING  to a high standard.  It starts with ME  to set the tone and direction of the process of your project. (I know, it sounds vain, but please, READ ON!) 

However, the word prefect is not a word I prefer to use  in conjunction with houses or my trade.


The materials you choose have a huge impact on the final project. Your remodeler should guide you through the process of what materials you should use, where to get them, and the tolerances of quality that are directly related to the price of your decisions. If you buy cheap stuff, you get cheap stuff. If you take the lowest bidder, you truly get what you pay for! 

At dREam MODELING  we have a system in place to help YOU.

Any reputable remodeler can do a fine job on matching your REMODEL project  to your REMODEL ideas.

Planning plays a huge role in this. Without a plan, your project will be a ship without a rudder. There will be no accountability,  direction, or parameters…Your expectations will not be managed or set and most likely  be  unfulfilled.

The remodeler you choose should have a system to make the work being done on your home as timely and well orchestrated as possible.


Is it Perfect?


Wait???? What????

Managing Expectations. It starts with ME.

Managing Expectations starts from the initial contact and runs thru out your dREam MODELING  experience, until to the final tool is removed from your home, and you begin to enjoy your dREam REMODEL.

However, your expectations should be tempered by this fact:

Your home is not perfect.

Yeah, I said it.

let it sink in.

YOUR home is not perfect.

In over 2 decades of working on homes I have yet to find one that is perfect. I have been in half million dollar homes that are not as finely crafted as a $120,000.00 Ranch style house.  Finely crafted is Still NOT PERFECT. I have seen shoddy workmanship in all  the price points in which I work. Please do not confuse quality with perfection. You will always be disappointed.

Not a single house is without a flaw.

After all, even on my best days, I am still a human.

My father used to say:
“I am not perfect, but you remember what they did to the last perfect man?”
“They hung him from a cross.” (Please do not read more into this than what is written.)

The world is NOT perfect, your remodeler is not perfect. The people may be good, if not great at their crafts and trades, but still perfection WILL not be achieved. Humans are flawed, and so is your house.

It is built with wood, concrete, gypsum,  stone, plastic, porcelain, steel,  polystyrene, and latex, and other materials.

You do not have to be a rocket scientist to understand the simple science behind this.

A myriad of individual components combined together with a proper plan are  the raw products that become your home. These materials are all of a different specific gravity, mass, density porosity, and other scientific terms that just confuzzle me.

I am not a rocket scientist.

But none of these items is without flaws. Masking the flaws, hiding the bad  side, and accentuating the positive aspects of your choices is the smoke and mirrors of our craft.

Quality workmanship while being close to perfection, is  not perfect.

Accept it and move on.

Strive for excellence, shoot for brilliance, and accept reality.

The world is NOT perfect.



A reputable remodeler will insure the job is done to the best it can be given the condition of and materials used in your home. They should address any issues and communicate with you to insure the best recourse. They should use their skill and expertise to make your project complete to the best possible outcome. 

Still. Not. Perfect.

They should also let you know, when they find an issue that will affect the outcome of your project, what can be done about it,  and what it may take in extra charges, if any,  in a TIMELY fashion. 

This requires due diligence to find the right remodeler. Anything worth doing is worth doing right. On both sides of the remodel field.

right. does. not. equal. perfect.

If the floor slopes 2 inches in 12 feet, there is no way the new vanity will sit FLAT on the floor and BE LEVEL. (not perfect) Steps can be taken to HELP hide this fact, but the remodeling reality is if the canvass is flawed, the picture will reflect that flaw. (Yes, I have worked on a floor as described and the job turned out good, better than expected, but not without  extra work.)

If the existing wall is not plumb, a good carpenter can set the  the door and casing to mask some of this but the wall and subsequently the door will still NOT be plumb, unless the wall is reset to plumb.  Resetting a wall is usually not included in an estimate to”hang a door.”

Managing Expectations.

If  the ceiling and wall corner joint is not straight, due to framing, such as a missed crown in dimensional lumber, the imperfection of kiln dried wood,  or poor finish/workmanship of the wall materials, the cut in line will have to follow the curve, or run true, but either way there may be a noticeable flaw.

Patched drywall DOES not have the same texture as a wall painted 5 times over 30 years before the patch.

Setting expectations, Managing Expectations. and fulfilling expectations is my job.

If I  did not have the dREamMODELING SYSTEM I would not be able to do this. I would be like so many other remodelers out there that do fine work, but leave their customers expectations unmanaged and unfulfilled.

Excellent Service. Professionalism. The FIRST choice.

dREam MODELING may not be your choice. I accept that. It is best to walk away from a deal that will not benefit both parties.

Value. Integrity. Delivered.

My hope is that if I am not your choice, the VALUE and the INTEGRITY of this  knowledge I have DELIVERED today will be of  to help you find the right remodeler.

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One comment on “Managing Expectations
  1. Mynx says:

    Sound sensible advice. I am yet to live in a house without flaws.

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