Can I see your references?

You have waited long enough! You’ve taken your  time to decide what you want  to get done but waiting time is over.

This is the year you get that project done!

You have watched HGTV,  gone to the big box stores, visited showrooms,  gone to  open houses. You went to the local Home Show, talked to your friends, and surfed for COUNTLESS  hours on the internet. 

It is difficult, I know, to wait, to search and interview different remodeler. To pick the right one.

You are ready! Now that you are ready, you just want it to be done! NOW!

REMEMBER! This is your home!  Your dREam REMODEL. 

Choosing a remodeler IS a job interview. You should be prepared to ask the right questions. An experienced interviewer asks, then waits for an answer. 

What is one of the most important questions you can ask?

Can I see some references?

If you cannot talk to or contact references of the remodeler you have chosen to work with that should be a a RED FLAG!

If a remodeler is unable to present references or testimonials  they are NOT the right remodeler.

When I visit a home for a consultation I am always amazed that so many people I talk to have been thru a REMODmare. I know there are slick sales guys out there. I know how hard it is to wait when you’ve waited a long time already…

Question skillfully!

Taking a gamble should not involve your home. Don’t gamble on MAYBE the right guy!

Another  important questions to ask.

Can I see your work?

(Transformations and Pics Here)

Ask for the builders licence number so you can check them out with the Licensing agency!

You can check any MICHIGAN license at LARA…


When I give a a written estimate I give every person I consult a copy of my License and Proof of Insurance as well as references and I always have a book of pictures and other Marketing materials to help them make a more educated decision.

CONTACT ME!  in these areas for a free consultation!

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