Hidden Site Conditions…

 All walls are not the same.

Many times we find things that are not expected when we open a wall. A reputable remodeler will Manage Expectations that there may be some surprises. However, they SHOULD have a plan in place to help alleviate the pain.

The dREam MODELING system… limits the surprises.

In 2013 the dREam MODELING had an average of less than 5% change order on hidden site conditions. On a $7,500.00 bathroom that is less than $375.00.

I know, ONLY $375.00. That is like a car payment. I am always surprised when I talk to customers and hear about the shenanigans that they have dealt with in the past, from other remodelers. It can be a significantly larger dollar figure if your remodeler is not on task or has no system.

Some jobs, obviously, had larger changes, while some had none or very little hidden site conditions.

Updating the smoke detectors to hard wired linked units is the number one change order, and even though I consider this an option, it is an average of  $650.00 to do this.

Not every job requires a permit but IF your remodeler is pulling a permit, be prepared! While some building officials are more lax about this code update than others, but if your remodeler is NOT mentioning this could happen or giving you an estimated cost,  it is a HUGE RED FLAG! (This is a Michigan Code, your state may be different)

Buried electrical boxes,  broken wire or protective sheathing, hidden H-VAC/plumbing runs, rotted sub structure, inadequate headers, and mold are the usual suspects.

If I could see thru walls I would be a very wealthy man.

I cannot.

Surprises happen. 

A proper inspection at the time of the initial consult helps limit the surprises and keeps the changes due to surprises at a minimum.

My experience is my second sight.  (Visit the testimonials page)

It is not x-ray vision,  but it is a good start it!

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