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Excitment! and…hesitation…

(I want to thank Tricia C. for the idea of this blog post!) I often have couples with two very different views on their dREam MODELING Project. One is filled with excitement of the possibilities and the other is filled with

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Thanks Again!

Many thanks to all the fine people BOTH PAST AND FUTURE customers that stopped by the booth at the home show. People are the heart of dREamMODELING, and not a single dream gets done without people like you!  I hope to see many

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Pick 2???

MAYBE you have heard of this paradigm… GOOD…FAST…CHEAP… You can’t have all three, so… Pick 2… It may not be dREam MODELING guy original…but  I use it a lot as a lead in… Allow me to explain… Good and Fast will

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Customer Participation…

Customer participation is not a cuss word. While it is taboo to some remodelers, dREam MODELING embraces the people that want a hand in their  dREam REMODEL! Many of the people I consult with wish to be involved in their remodeling project. Some people are capable of

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Turning away work…

I am projecting a record year! I have heard that there are not enough remodelers to handle the work load projected this year. I am sure WE will be busier than last year, which is a good thing. However… My years

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The Reputation of Remodelers…

…is not very good… People in the contracting business have a bad reputation. Why is this? Because we deserve it. Wait? What? Yeah, I said it. WE DESERVE IT! Most every customer I consult with can tell me a s

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Getting to the Home Show!!!!

Home Show MAP Hope to see you there!

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