Turning away work…

I am projecting a record year! I have heard that there are not enough remodelers to handle the work load projected this year. I am sure WE will be busier than last year, which is a good thing.


My years of experience have taught me  that sometimes it is necessary for me to turn down a job. One reason and while it is rare, some jobs are not in my wheelhouse and it would be a disservice to the customer to attempt to take on that particular project. I do not do every project I look at. I am not always within the budgetary constraints of every home owner.

If you are just looking at price,  dREam MODELING  may not be for you.

That is okay.

Sometimes the fit is not right.  Trying to fit a square peg in a round hole leave gaps, cuts corners,  is not a proper fit  and leaves one  lacking or wanting. As you may have read in other posts, or heard me say, we do the right thing. Sometimes the right thing is to walk away from an improper fit. The reputation of remodelers is OFTEN not very good. It is due to many reasons, and one is that they will fail to walk away from a project that is out of their area of expertise, or are not able to let one project “get away”.

Failure is at  the intersection of greed and lack of discretion.

I have heard it said A PARTNERSHIP is the only SHIP that is guaranteed to will sink. ONE reason is the parts do not fit. They are not compatible. It means that both PARTS of the SHIP are NOT  in synchronization. There cannot be TWO  leaders, and they cannot be going in  different directions.

A PARTNERSHIP on your project dictates that both parties are in agreement on where the project is going, and how it will get there. The job of a remodeler you choose is to get the project set up and on realistic schedule and manage expectations accordingly.

If the PARTNERSHIP is not a good fit, the ship is  doomed to sink.

Not everyone thinks along the lines that I do. Not every one NEEDS to be a customer. The  dREam MODELING system  utilizes an effective estimating style that gives us a distinct advantage over the competition. It also give us the freedom to say WE DO NOT need YOUR BUSINESS, we WANT YOUR BUSINESS!

That is OKAY, too. I do not want our company to become a Walmart of Remodeling…(thanks Chad H.)

Our goal is happy customers. Smiles are a bonus payment to a job well done!

High fives and belly bumps!

And dry feet!

Remodeling does not need to be a chore, a headache, or a train wreck. If your project is a train wreck, you did not choose  dREam MODELING.

IF WE ARE TOO BUSY to handle the project in the manner in which the dREam MODELING system dictates, WE CANNOT TAKE YOUR JOB. I  will not do a job that will languish and be neglected if I cannot have a PROJECT MANAGER AVAILABLE  to keep to a proper critical path. I will not allow your project to be neglected. WE WILL NEVER TAKE ON TOO MANY PROJECTS, AND LET YOUR PROJECT BE NEGLECTED.

We may be  months away for a start date for your job, but we will not start it until we can give your job the attention it deserves. From start to finish, effective and efficient project management, and  quality communication is a priority.

A project worth doing is a project worth doing right! I promise the wait will be worth it.

Managing multiple projects is no easy task, but the  dREam MODELING system  was developed to make the job easier. Scheduling a project is to remain on track is a priority for  dREam MODELING and is THE reason you do not need to look anywhere else to find the right remodeler.

If you want the project done right, in the time frame you expect and within the budget you have set, with fewer surprises…

dREam MODELING is the right remodeler for you!

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