Customer Participation…

Customer participation is not a cuss word. While it is taboo to some remodelers, dREam MODELING embraces the people that want a hand in their  dREam REMODEL! Many of the people I consult with wish to be involved in their remodeling project. Some people are capable of being hands on and involved.Occasionally it is to keep down the cost, sometimes it is just who they are…

Some people are too busy to do the job themselves. NOT EVERY customer is capable of having a hand in their project other than writing checks. Every customer is different, and dREam MODELING embraces difference!

However, the Scope of Work that I allow the customer participation is limited and must be within certain guidelines and limits.There are many tasks that are not on the table for negotiation. Just because you saw it on TV does not mean you can do it, even if you spent the night at a Holiday Inn Express.

What we do is not Brain Science, its Rocket Surgery… 

These line items and decisions are HAMMERED out at the contract signing.

THREE requirements must be met:

  1. Their ability must be better than average at accomplishing the task they wish to do and have some kind of VISUAL proof.
  2. Their participation cannot interfere  with the critical path and the production schedule.
  3. They must sign off and  agree to monetary penalties should they cause delays in the production schedule.

Other requirements maybe discussed throughout the negotiation process as well.

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