Excitment! and…hesitation…

(I want to thank Tricia C. for the idea of this blog post!)

I often have couples with two very different views on their dREam MODELING Project. One is filled with excitement of the possibilities and the other is filled with hesitation.

The excitement is easily understood.

Who doesn’t like new things?

The hesitation usually stems from the anticipated cost of the project, or the budget.

Part of the process is to get the price out of the way and look at the cost from a pragmatic standpoint and answer  the questions…

That is what I do. Answer your questions. I am not a slick sales guy.

Q:Is my dREam MODELING project budget realistic?

The answer is simple math, or goods plus services equals cost. If your budget is less than what it costs, then the hard truth is your budget was not realistic.

Sure you may find a company or a One-Truck Chuck, to handle your project for less, but PICK 2??? covers some of this.

Q: IS the value there?

Value is VERY different to different people. It is subjective.

In the past week I have talked to 100’s people and they all have different ideas of what their dREams are and what they want dREam MODELING to help them achieve. They all have differing views on what is important. Not everyone wants granite counter-tops. Not everyone wants a tile shower. Not everyone wants a wet bar in the basement.

Every dREam MODELING project consultation is essentially divided into 3 parts. You tell me what you want and it falls into three categories.

Have to have, nice to have, and wish to have. The value  I bring is that we help guide you thru the process, with dREam MODELING SYSTEM.

Q:Will I get the cost back in the resale of my house?



He said NO!

For example, let’s say you are thinking about a dREam MODELING Master Suite Conversion. In this example you find two identical houses that are identical in every way except one of the houses had a Master Suite Conversion project completed, for the cost of $30,000.00.

Would you pay that much more for that house?

Most people will say no, if they are being honest. Your  dREam has a different value to you than ANYONE ELSE.

Anyone that tells you the house is worth that much more TO SOMEONE ELSE  is probably trying to sell you something.

Like a bridge.

In Brooklyn.

The purpose of a consultation is to answer YOUR questions. It is not to sell you something. You already own your  dREams. You just need help to see if they are a today, tomorrow, or a couple years down the road dREam.

I realize that you may not feel there is  justification to do the project when all the numbers are in front of you.

That is okay.

I can only listen to your dREams and help you see the numbers.

I cannot make you do the project.

If I drag you into a project, than I have to drag you around, and that is too much work.

I am the dREamMODELINGguy…

Changing the remodel world, one project at a time!

There are still a few seats on the bandwagon, jump on board!

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One comment on “Excitment! and…hesitation…
  1. Mynx says:

    Sound advice. Especially the part about whether it will be recouped in a future sale. An updated kitchen bathroom might make the house more desirable but wont necessarily increase the value by the amount spent

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