West Michigan Home and Garden Show!

It is Home Show weekend for  dREam MODELING! Stop by the dREam MODELING booth (#1411) and say hi to us!

It has been a super busy winter for me and the guys. I did not have my usual free time as work kept us moving thru the chill and gloom of the never ending winter!

Today, however, the sun is out today and it may hit 50 this week!

Time to get your projects booked! The sooner you call, the sooner we can help you get your  dREam MODELING project started! We have only a couple evening appointments available to look at projects until the middle of April and  projects booked thru the end of MAY!

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2 comments on “West Michigan Home and Garden Show!
  1. I heard, and saw evidence, of a random photo op at your show. I wished I was there… but, lucky Bushman got the honours instead. I did feel pretty special though getting a look of you two in front of your booth.

    I hope the show was successful, but reading this post I can tell you are already quite busy – which is totally awesome. I couldn’t be happier.

    Next year, I’m flying down to be in that picture! Oh yeah, don’t think I won’t! LOL No, really!

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