And Many Thanks!

To my mentor George Clark:

Without his friendship, guidance, respect, and his tutelage this business would be an epic fail.

I am blessed and grateful for the years I have known you and all you have done to help me be not only a better person, but a better leader,and businessman.

To my many Customers:

Over the years I have been remodeling, my customers have all helped mold and shape our systems and processes, with feedback, both good and bad, support, and in many cases friendship.

To my Father and Mother,

I would not be where I am today if it were not for the values my parents instilled in me and the honesty, integrity and work ethic I witnessed and inherited from them.

To My Wife and my Family:

I thank my family for all the sacrifices in the hard times and of course sharing in the good times too! I also am grateful for the strength to keep on when I needed strength,  for believing in me when I am not always believable, and  love when  I am not always lovable, I am blessed and thankful!

The words Thank You,  do not nearly encompass the enormity of what you all have given me.


One comment on “And Many Thanks!
  1. What beautiful sentiments, your sincerity and passion shines through in your words. It’s quite special to have so many wonderful people to thank. Yes, you have been blessed.

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