And a system is a plus!

the dREam MODELING system…

In construction, there are all kinds of things that can go wrong. There are a lot of parts and pieces that need to fall into place to make your dREam a reMODELING reality…

Any well done project does not *fall into place* without a whole bunch of background work, planning, and procedures. Yes, those three things are a part of our SYSTEM.

Our system has value. It is why I am not the cheapest guy in the room.

It starts when we first meet in the initial consultation and progresses to talking numbers at the follow-up. You, Our Customer, are part of our system. When we sign the contract, we become partners in the system to facilitate the process and make your project move as smooth as possible.

A system is defined here for the complete definition

(for this purpose I only used the 5th descriptor)




5. any formulated, regular, or special method or plan of procedure: a system of marking, numbering, or measuring; a winning system at….” dREam MODELING

When I am not working on a job I am refining our approach, contacting our clients, and promoting our system. From the initial contact to the final sweep of your floor, there is a part of OUR system in place to insure a quality job.

Every time.

Changes happen. New ideas come up while the project is on-going. Hidden damage or structural issues may be lurking behind the walls. We have a change order form to handle these things. It is a written document. It must be signed. It describes the change and the cost. Our system, and our thorough estimating process eliminate many of these change order surprises. Before they can occur. Our average change order was less than 5% in 2013, because we are thorough in our estimating approach.

The estimate, the contract, the critical path and the change order are all part of the system that we have implemented to make your dREam MODELING experience as efficient and expedient as possible.

When thing go wrong, which may happen in a surgery, while driving your car, walking across your living room, or even in a well-planned remodel, the system we have in place will reduce the chance occurrence of a surprise, correct the issue, and alleviate the stress of a possible delay or calamity while having your house in disarray from the construction process.

  • Job site project books
  • Onsite hands on project management
  • Professional plans
  • Line item Estimates
  • Specifications
  • Written Change Orders
  • Quality (licensed and insured) Sub-contractors when needed
  • Lien waivers
  • and much much more

Our system starts with a quality plan, a procedural approach,  employs quality people and products, and finishes with satisfied customers.

Contact ME! Today for a free 1 hour consultation.

(Restrictions apply, see service area or Contact ME! for details)

2 comments on “And a system is a plus!
  1. Roxanne Goff says:

    You were at the Remodeling Show in GR in January and my husband and I talked with you (or a representative from your company). We spoke with someone who had a Saranac connection. Was that you?

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